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Art: Lost in fantasy
Hello interweb-wanderers! I mainly use this journal to post icons & other graphics.
All icons & wallpapers are public for at least six months.
All graphics resources are always public.
Anyone may add/watch this journal for public entries but if you want to see friends only entries and if you want me to watch your LiveJournal and see your friends' filtered entries, then please comment on this entry & I will add you back.
I will not add you back unless you leave me comment.
You can usually find me at the communities I moderate and/or own more than at this journal.
Icon-making challenge communities

Shire Icontest Fringe Epic Next Icon island rumble challenge

Other communities (not all are very active)
lotr_love - a daily LOTR picture community.
815_graphics - a community to post Lost or Lost cast member graphics and icons.
julietbenfans - a community for Lost's Juliet Burke & Ben Linus.

Alphabetized Graphics
LotR ||| Fellowship of the Ring
46 multi-fandom graphics made for landofart.
Includes movies, tv, musicians, & actors.
Names describing persons & places pictured are on the graphics as per the challenge rules.

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LotR ||| Fellowship of the Ring
Thank you gothrockrulz & larmay for the lovely birthday messages. ♥

Land of Art Sigtags
LotR ||| Fellowship of the Ring
I received so many lovely sigtags recently from the talented members at landofart I had to make this post to show them off!
Also I'll use to link back/credit when I use them.

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