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Art || Ophelia lost in fantasy

Hello interweb-wanderers! I mainly use this journal to participate & watch fandom communities. Particularly, I have an interest in watching & participating in icon & graphics challenge communities. I moderate several of these communities as seen below.
Update June 2014:
Previously, I had posted all my fandom icons & wallpapers in this blog, but they have mainly been removed or moved from my image hosts so many image links are broken.
Sorry, there are no new interesting posts here at the moment. I'll try to return to posting in the near future.
Currently, I am not adding any new social/personal friends' journals & sorry but I do not make personal/social posts or read/comment them at this time.
If you have been on my friends-list or in one of my communities & you would like to contact me, you may send me a private message or comment on this entry.
If you need to cut me from your friends list or you would like to be removed from my watch list, please leave me a comment on this entry.
All comments will be screened.

My Communities

Shire Icontest Fringe Epic Next Icon

Currently Inactive Communities

island_rumble - an icontest for the sci-fi/fantasy series LOST.
lotr_love - a daily picture community for The Lord of the Rings movies.

Open Communities
815_graphics - a community to post Lost or Lost cast member graphics and icons.
julietbenfans - a shipper community for Lost.
Layout design is thanks to Yoksel & the amazing create your style tool.

To view credits/attribution for resources I've used for making icons & graphics please see this entry.

spring cleaning

Art || Ophelia lost in fantasy
I very much doubt anyone is interested, but fyi I'm permanently deleting much of my old graphics (pre-2012) from Photobucket.
Graphics the mid-2000s fandoms and some more recent will be deleted:
Heroes, Invasion, Smallville, Terminator TSCC, Tin Man, and all other fandom & stock icons/graphics pre-2012.

For now things from these fandoms will not be deleted:
The Lord of the Rings, LOST, Fringe, Merlin, musicians & singers any moodthemes.

I might start posting graphics here again - though I haven't been making many things except for challenge communities & some icontests - but I'd like to get my Photobucket in order.

ETA: It was worse than I'd thought. Likely all of my icon posts will have broken links for a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. This won't be a one-day project.

Alphabetized Graphics

LotR ||| Fellowship of the Ring
46 multi-fandom graphics made for landofart.
Includes movies, tv, musicians, & actors.
Names describing persons & places pictured are on the graphics as per the challenge rules.

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LotR ||| Fellowship of the Ring
Thank you gothrockrulz & larmay for the lovely birthday messages. ♥

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